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November 2015


Congratulations to the November Student's of the Month.  

These students are being recognized for displaying INTEGRITY!!


Student pictures are displayed at the front entrance of the school across from the office.  

Brea - Ms. Lennox
Neko Broadhurst -  Ms. Hughes
Angly Garcia -  Dr. Boston

Alana Anderson -  Ms. Smith

First Grade

 Fiyin Idris - Ms. Drost
-  Ms. Dunn
Michael Nwanguma -  Ms. Phiri
Jayda Johnson -  Mrs. DeLeon

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Second Grade
Le'Niyah Parsons
 -  Ms. A. Jones

Nina Anderson -  Ms. Sanders
Michael Falby - Ms. Marshall
 -  Ms. McKay
Zion Ellmore-  Mrs. Henson

Third Grade
Madison Hebron -  Ms. Butler

Brandon Ford -  Ms. Edwards

 -  Mrs. Mebane
 -  Mrs. Robinson

Sophia Hagan -  Dr. Newsome

Fourth Grade
 - Mrs. Reddick

Nazari Boddie -  Ms. Hannon
Wahid Wheeler - Mrs. Moon

 - Ms. Simmons

Fifth Grade
Caleb Winters -  Ms. Louden
 -  Mrs. D'Onofrio
Daniella Nat-Davies - Mrs. Pough
Courtney Foust -  A. Jones



September 2015

October 2015


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